AOTV covered both the Athol and Mahar Graduations the first weekend in June.  We prepared for the Mahar Graduation to be inside – so of course it was outside.   We prepared for the Athol Graduation to be outside  – so of course it was inside.  Both graduations were recorded, broadcast and streamed, but guess what when on behind the scenes at AHS Graduation?

As it turned out, our brand new fiber link (replaced the old cable system) did not work on Sunday morning.  We scrambled and set up our Teradek Cube to send the signal live through the cloud. However, the Verizon hotspot didn’t have enough signal, so the video kept freezing.  We ran a 150′ Ethernet cable to a port in the boys locker room and it worked.  We then had no audio, ran back to the studio to find a cable was unplugged.  We were on the air and streaming with 15 minutes to spare.

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