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Calling all Volunteers

AOTV is looking for volunteers to help with the following programs. 14th annual Food-a-thon, Tuesday, May 16 from 6AM to 6PM. Mahar Graduation, June 2, crew call 2:30PM, shoot at 6:30PM Athol Graduation, June 4, crew call 9:30AM, shoot at 1:30PM Contact us to find out...

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Annual Meeting

The AOTV Annual Meeting was held on March 15.  Helene Holmes is a new Director on the Board.  The Officers voted in this year are: Wayne Richardson, President; Matthew Boughton and Al Benjamin, Vice Presidents; Diana Towle, Treasurer and Jackie Samalis, Clerk. The...

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Radio Course.

The first radio class graduated 16 people. Congratulations to all. Carol Courville, Executive Director of Athol-Orange Television, announced the completion of the first Radio Programmer Course in the North Quabbin. Participants learned about FCC guidelines, broadcast...

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AOTV Annual Meeting

Our annual meeting will be Wednesday, March 15th here at the station. There will be dinner, beverages, activities, music, and mingling from 5 to 6:30 PM .At 6:30 we will start the annual meeting. There will be sign-up sheets for River Rat as well as for all...

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River Rat Race Coming up!

Its never too early to start planning for this years River Rat Race. We are just about 2 months out from the big event on April 8th. You can watch the parade, race and more live on AOTV! Until then, enjoy footage from last years big race Watch it...

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