Report from the Exectuive Director – June 2013


  • Classes started on Tuesday nights, May 28 to June 25.
  • There is be a week of classes, July 22 to July 26, from 9am to 12 noon. I hope to have students take that class – almost like a Video Camp.

Facilities Committee

  • The committee has been meeting weekly on plans for the garage for the Production Truck. It’s difficult to know how to proceed, since we aren’t sure of the prices that will come in for bids.
  • Bruce and Victor cleaned out all the brush and leveled the loom pile. Grass has been planted and the back yard looks great.

Development Committee

  • The next project will be a River Rat Race documentary.

Technology Committee

  • The Discover Video up was delivered with training on May 20. Discover Video is a new device to be able to go LIVE on Channel 13, without the INet. We can use Internet of the upload speed is fast enough, or we use a hotspot Verizon device, if we can get 4G service. We first tried it for the Orange Town Meeting at Mahar and it worked. The next test were the two graduations, Mahar and Athol. We had some glitches for the first at the Mahar on Friday night, but the Cable feed and the Internet feed for Sunday worked well. Settings still need to be tweaked.
  • Thanks for Marie for setting up the link on the website. She tested Friday night and I tested Sunday. We were able to see and hear the graduations streaming on the computer.
  • The intercom didn’t work and they retrieved the box from the control Room so they could communicate.
  • The new computer in the the Control Room crashed. Peter is looking at it.

Mobile Van/Production Truck

  • The truck was used for the two Graduations. In both venues we blew fuses and the generator when we used the Air Conditioning. We need to rewire the truck so all the ‘technical’ equipment is on one side. A few pieces were plugged into the ‘environmental’ side which couldn’t be used. Matt and the crew did a great job and the graduations have been airing on Channel 13.
  • We need to sell or donate the old Mobile Van.


  • Marie & I just finished and submitted the Walmart Grant! Yeah!!!


  • The high school graduations are done but we still have Butterfield and Athol Step-Up to be recorded. The Town Meetings are also this month. Josh has been busy with many extra Orange Finance Committee Meetings.

Cable Advisory Committee

  • The ascertainment survey is completed. It is in the communities as a hard copy or on-line for the communities’ feedback. The link is on the AOTV and Athol & Orange web pages. It is critical we get a lot of responses. Please fill one out yourself and encourage your friends, neighbors and colleagues to complete one as well.


It’s summer time, so it’s time to do all our catch up work. If you would like to volunteer your time on any of these projects, please let us know.


  • The Production Truck needs to be stocked with all the regular stuff from the old Mobile Van. We need to learn the switcher and the replay system before football season.
  • We need to clean house and organize.
  • The Control Room needs a full overhaul of cables.
  • Need to get the Sponsorship brochures and fliers out for the new Production Truck, football and the web.
  • Start shooting all the auction video on HD.
  • Learn the new Final Cut X.
  • Etc, etc, etc…..
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