Greetings All!

When AOTV thinks back on 2012, we remember many hours organizing event coverage for the Athol 250th Celebrations. We had a lot of volunteers put in hundreds of hours recording and editing over 20 programs for AOTV.

Intern Patrick produced the first program, Athol to Atholl, which describes the history of Atholl Scotland linked to the history of Athol, Massachusetts. We also produced shows about businesses and schools that celebrated Athol. In February, we recorded the Anniversary Ball. Our largest challenge came when we had to cover a week of Scotland’s Atholl Highlanders activities in spring. We starting with the arrival, videotaped many mini-tattoos (small regimental drills), official and unofficial dinners, golfing, fishing, their acknowledgement at the State House in Boston and finally their performance at Fenway Park. There is a Highlanders Highlights video that shows all of these events and more.

The new Duke and Duchess as well as 50 Highlanders were in the area for a week and many AOTV members were hosts. We made a special bond with a few of them, it’s nice to know AOTV was appreciated when we received a beautiful Scotland calendar from one of our new friends.

In July we covered the 250th Parade. It was a perfect day and will be remembered for years to come. In the fall was a tag team event, trying to cover all the locations the Clydesdales visited on their downtown tour of businesses. Congratulations to the Athol 250th Committee for making wonderful memories!

I need to thank my staff because they make me look so good. We hired Matt in March and he fits right in. Within a week Dee, Donn and Bruce were trading barbs with him. Lynn helped with an after school project on bullying and kept me organized for auction. Tina’s job description must be “any duties as assigned.” She keeps AOTV moving along.

Thanks to Patrick, Josh, Rick, the Board of Directors, all the subcommittees and the hundreds of volunteers who come through our doors every year. A special thanks to President and Trash Guru Al Benjamin for all his support and encouragement.

Please know that all the volunteers and staff are very much appreciated. AOTV wouldn’t be the same without all of you. The “we” used in all the paragraphs above is really “you” the volunteer. Here’s to another exciting year!


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